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To more customer Differential rebuilds in progress!

Preparing for 2 more builds! Waiting for 4 more bearings and we should be ready to go. No powder coating for these but we are definitely gonna make sure that they are clean and reassemble with fresh bearings, dual pump quick spool kits and new clutches from our manufacturer @racingdiffs.

These differentials are built with OEM Honda seals, NTN /SKF Bearings with new fill/drain ports. Further increasing response and performance we use only @liquimoly.usa.canada dual clutch oil which allows for optimal oil viscosity and performance for our new clutches.

The increased functionality and response of the differential is brought to you by our own product DPQS kit that we make in house. All parts are meticulously cleaned and all Components are thoroughly inspected during the rebuild process.

Just want you to see quality parts placed in all of your differentials because that’s the only way we do it here! More to come as we follow along another differential rebuild for our 2 customers.

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RT-AWD Rear Differential Upgraded Service

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