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The Strength you need for your BMW Rear Differentials!

Ok BMW Race Fans! Racing Diffs has some goodies for you aswell! Introducing the BMW Rear Differential Steel Cap Upgrade!

Kapp-168-1-300x300Available for the E20-E30, E36-Z3 and E46 M3 these “LSD Steel Caps” address a lot of issues with breakage of standard the 168mm limited slip differential caps and allow a serious level of performance to be achieved for the 188mm rear differentials.

188-2-1024x768Their heavy duty construction makes them ideal of multiple LSD clutch upgrades for the E36/ Z3 and E46 BMW rear differentials and allows a ton more support to reduce damage due to abrupt torsional load excreted on the LSD, increasing clamping loads and distributing TQ to the wheels where it belongs.  Ensure you achieve your performance goals and reduce the chance of catastrophic failure to your drive train by ordering yours today!

BMW LSD Reinforced Steel cap


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