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New Automotive Koncepts & Designs Inc H/F Series AWD Transmissions!

The inspiration for our H22 AWD Transmission! Tested to 650hp this Modified casting is based off of an H22 FWD Transmission and the B Series AWD Transmission grafted together to create this drive-train.

Engineered originally by James Nelson this transmission has been operational for over 5yrs and we have brought this innovation to you in our new unique design for the H and F Series Family.

A yr long project this new transmission will feature gear fitment to OEM H and F Series however will also make use of GEAR X H Series Synchronized and Dog Box Gear Sets with the B Series AWD Gear X or Equivalent LSD!  Check out James Nelsons Amazing 5th Gen Honda Prelude and his build to AWD!

Not your traditional BB6 Prelude But AWD???!!!

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GEAR X/ GTS Transmission Limited Slip CR-V Rear Differentials are in!

Torsen limited slip differentials are in! Just received word from Gear X that they have received our first batch of Torsen limited slip differentials and a special appearance of they are new Honda CRV upgraded ring and pinion!

Now that the design process has been completed and the parts are in manufacturing we are 6 to 10 day delivery time for these custom-made Parts shipping into the United States. Ready to play some serious orders for these new Innovations to add more power transfer capability to your RT AWD rear differential. Let us help you put traction to the ground as this is the world’s only limited slip differential for the Honda CRV and Element rear differentials.

And let us secure that power transfer through your new GEAR X/ GTS transmission ring and pinion.

RT-AWD Rear Differential Upgraded Service

GEAR-X (CR-V, Element, Cross-tour) Torsen Rear Limited Slip Differential

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Building your clutch pack for your crv rear differential!

Figured that you all would want to see some of the various ways to set up the Racing Diffs Clutches in the Honda CRV rear differential. Remember depending on how you plan to use them you can induce preload for drag racing or take some away for a more progressive engagement!

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Long Awaited Here is our “B Series” Solid Engine Mount Set!

Finished up the solid B series engine mounts for a customer and package for shipping. These mounts are for the 1992 – 1995 Civic and 1994 – 2001 Acura Integra with a B Series drivetrain configuration!

Engine mounts for B Series AWD start at $450 with all necessary hardware for installation and $510 for solid. Order yours today by clicking the link!

“SOLID” B Series AWD Mounts

B Series AWD Mounts with 68a Polyurethane

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Ready to order the next batch of “Gear X” AWD/FWD LSD’s

Ready to order the next batch of Gear X Torsen LSD’s! Available for the B/F/H/K FWD transmissions and B/K AWD transmissions these LSD’s feature a new Gear X design allowing them to be plug and play drop in replacements for the OEM open differential.

Many LSD’s have been shipped already and many more on the way! Contact us today to order yours!