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Dual Pump Quick Spool Kit Parts!

So today we are getting organized and creating the shelving system in the new shop. Figured I would highlight the shims for the dual pump quick spool kit (DPQS) Because I had not up until this moment unpacked all of them other than to check quality when I got them from CNC.

This part in the kit reduces the clearances between the dual pump piston assembly and the clutch cage assembly allowing it to engage the clutches in the differential much faster then factory with the same amount of pressure increasing the response of the differentials Engagement translating to more power put to the ground sooner!

Installation Video and Pics with instructions for private installations coming soon. Will provide the system breakdown and pictures of the assemblies and explain the difference between the CRV/ Element/ Cross-tour differentials so everyone can be informed.

This is a key component in the DPQS Kit for our 2006 to 2011 CRV and Accord Cross-tour kit. These innovations and more like them are available here on our store by clicking the link below!

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Dual Pump Quick Spool System (DPQS)

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Automotive Koncepts & Designs Inc Dual Pump Differential Upgrade Services!

Well its that time! Got a customers rear differential in today for a Servicing! This differential will receive a rear GEAR-X / GTS Motorsports Torsen LSD, Racing Diffs Dual Pump Clutch Pack upgrade Kit and an Automotive Koncepts & Designs Inc Dual Pump Quick Spool Kit with new Bearings, Gaskets, O-Rings, Drain/ Fill Port Plugs, and Oil Seals after a nice cleaning and inspection for damage!

Preparing this one for a good build documentary and gathering the remaining pics needed for the DPQS Kit installation guide for those who want to do this at home on their own. Getting things moving at the new shop and preparing for a lot of new builds as well as some more parts to leave!

A couple more parts waiting to be received before we can kick this party off right! Ill show you step by step how this system works and additionally go over the differences between the 2 differential styles of RT-AWD Differentials in a short video. Stay Tuned and Prepare for some knowledge!

AKD Inc RT-AWD Dual Pump Differential Upgrade Service!

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Bisimoto RT-AWD Differential Tear-down and Preparation for our Racing Diffs Moly-Ceramic Clutch Upgrade!

Bisi discusses the disassembly and future plans for the RT-AWD CRV/ Element/ Cross-Tour Rear Differentials in partnership with Automotive Koncepts & Designs Inc, Bisimoto, Quaife and Racing Diffs!

Through our partnership we have created several aftermarket performance parts supporting the AWD platform for Honda. In this Bisimoto YouTube video Bisi discusses plans moving forward with development with additional support from “Quaife” and the future projected plans for testing our Dual Pump Quick Spool Kit with our new Racing Diffs Molybdenum Ceramic Coated Clutch Upgrade kit for the RT-AWD CRV, Element and Accord Cross-Tour.

More to come from Bisimoto Engineering and this amazing partnership with full length Tear Down and Assembly videos complete with technical specifications coming soon. Like what you see and want to learn more about what we are doing! Follow the team and learn about the future of our developments by following us with the links below!

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Full round vs. strutted piston forging designs and skirt styles.

Wiseco discusses its unique approach to making the ultimate performance pistons!

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Not your traditional BB6 Prelude But AWD???!!!

Finally changing some things for 2019! Starting now we will show appreciation for our customers, fans, and import culture by featuring one of your vehicles per month! This idea has been used with many companies to showcase products, announce partnerships, friendships, show trends in motorsports and car culture over the world.

Our intention is to showcase to the world what the pulse of the street is and bring light to like-minded innovators. While showing their awesome rides to the world! So without delay I would like to introduce James Nelson of Las Vegas Nevada and his 5th Gen. Turbocharged Honda Prelude featuring a custom built all-wheel drive conversion.

From the outside appearance of this vehicle you would think it was more show than go but we assure you James has addressed all of the areas of concern with great attention to detail.

External styling comes from DavSport featuring a track ready front Splitter and Side Skirts with a VIS Carbon Fiber Hood, LSG Lambo Door Kit, Carbon Fiber Radiator Cooler Plate, Type R Style Wing with Custom LED Tail Lights and Projector Head Lights.

The car is equipped with an amazing layout and a lot of performance products to capture the eye.  The interior features Katskin Leather Seats, Pioneer flip out Navigation System and 5.1 Digital Sound Processor with 9 JL Audio Mids/Highs speakers, 4 JL Audio Sub-woofers including (2 x 8″ and 2 x 12″) and 3 x JL Amplifiers for a total of over 5000 WATTS of True Power. Lots of Fabrication in the interior as-well with custom rear panels to add 2 more speakers and continue to match the theme of Katskin leather interior throughout the car. Its equipped with an AP1 S2000 Steering Wheel and Factory designed Carbon Fiber Trimmed Gauge Bezel with VEI Systems Digital Gauges.

The engine consists of an H22A4 Block fitted with Mahle Racing Pistons, Crower Rods, a Stock Micro-polished and Balanced H22A4 crankshaft. The H22 head has been outfitted with 1 mm over-sized Supertech valves, Upgrade springs and retainers with Stock H22a cams. Looking into this engine bay nothing has been left untouched! Keeping his 526hp AWD power plant in place are a set of Innovative H22 Engine Mounts sprayed wrinkle black with poly inserts to allow him to operate with comfort on the street but ready for racing. Adding to the styling of this vehicle we see a marinate of polished components. External styling comes from DavSport featuring a track ready front Splitter and Side Skirts with a VIS Carbon Fiber Hood and a Carbon Fiber Radiator Cooler Plate, polished Mitshimoto Radiator, polished Thermostat Housing, Power Steering Pump, AC Condenser, Alternator, Distributor Housing, Transmission Case, Accessories bracketry and Valve Cover etcs.

Forced induction has been provided by a Precision 62/62 ball bearing turbo w/polished cold-side and a ceramic coated hot side. Supporting the weight of the turbocharger is an equal length LoveFab turbo manifold connecting single 38mm Tial Waste-gates. His turbo system is complete with a Frozen Boost Intercooler, 3″ polished intercooler piping to a 70mm OBX TB and polisher Skunk 2 H22 manifold. The exhaust system features a 3″ custom made 304 stainless design that transition to a 4″ x 2″ oval under the floor to 3″ out and a Sebring Tuning round muffler. Supplying fuel to this AWD monster comes via AEM EMS and twin AEM 044 Fuel Pumps, Fuel Injector Clinic 2150cc Injectors and a modified Prelude fuel tank. This car boasts a 526hp H22A4 Motor tuned on an AEM Series 1 Engine Management System with a 100 shot of Nitrous available on demand.

The AWD system is comprised of mostly Honda CRV parts. It consists of modified Prelude Trailing Arms with CRV Hubs and custom grafted CRV/H22 Transmission. It reveals a factory CRV Driveshaft allowing power transfer to OEM Rear CV Axles from Honda.

The exhaust tightly wrapped close to the rear sub-frame features a Sebring Oval Muffler and a rear sway-bar kit courtesy of Progress Motorsports. The suspension features an amazing assortment of components as-well. This vehicle rides on a full BC coil-over set with Energy Suspension Master Bushing Set, Suspension Techniques front Sway-bar, Megan Racing Toe Arms, front and rear adjustable Camber kit, powder coated by Snail Motorsports. Brake upgrades include Custom mounted TL Type S Brembo front Calipers, RSX Type S Big Brake Rotor Kit, 5th Gen Prelude Rear Big Brake Upgrade, Steel Braided Brake Lines on all 4 corners, rolling on some Enkei RP-05 18 wheels wrapped in Toyo R888r 235/40r/18″ rubber firmly placing the power to the road where it belongs.

Thank you all for your support and this is the first of many project debuts we will do. Cant wait for the next one!  If you would like us to show case your car or new innovation email us at make sure you put in the subject line “debut my ride” or innovation!

Follow James on Instagram @jimnissan.

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Moly-Ceramic Dual Pump Clutch Pack Upgrades!

Automotive Koncepts & Designs Inc is proud to announce our newest partner in manufacturing, “Racing Diffs!” Through a collaboration with Racing Diffs and Bisimoto Engineering we have developed a new line of clutches to support the CRV/Crosstour and Element rear diffentials.

This superior design offers a Molybdenum, Ceramic, full faced clutch construction yielding an amazing 300% over factory gripping force and the ability to dissipate heat almost instantly while providing an OEM Fitment. When used with our Dual Pump Quick Spool System (DPQSS) the CRV/Element/Crosstour differential will provide amazing response over the factory differential and more performance for higher hp AWD vehicles.

Our clutches are coming soon and will be sold exclusively through Automotive Koncepts and Designs INC or one of our authorize retail distributors.

CRV/Element/Crosstour Dual Pump Moly-Ceramic Clutch Upgrade

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More Parts are in!

More parts are in for our customer build! Racing Diffs Molybdenum Ceramic just showed up for Shilo Jones! About time to do a Differential Build. Just waiting on the GEAR-X/ GTS Motorsports Torsen LSD for this build to begin! Prepare yourself for this build as I will document everything from beginning to end.

Moe updates on his build and many more soon!

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A Service Update from Racing Diffs!!!

A quick Service update from Racing Diffs! Through extensive testing we have determined that to gain optimal performance from the Racing Diffs Molybdenum Ceramic Clutches for the Honda CRV/ Element/ Cross-tour rear differentials the recommended differential fluid should be VW DSG ATF Fluid. This technology based on the oil viscosity and the lack of a Honda compatible substitute with friction modifier!

“DUAL CLUTCH GEAR OIL 8100” is a Superb high-performance oil based on HC-Synthesis oils. Its excellent additive combination with extremely shear-resistant viscosity index improvers, modern wear protection additives as well as stable friction agents achieves an excellent coupling performance. This hi-tech lubricant was developed specifically for the requirements of the increasingly prevalent dual clutch transmissions (DCT). Dual clutch transmission oil 8100 is especially also suited for dual clutch transmissions equipped with a shared oil supply for clutch, synchronization, gear set and hydraulic control.

  • optimum stability to aging
  • excellent wear resistance
  • outstanding resistance to oxidation
  • very good low-temperature properties
  • excellent shear stability
  • excellent viscosity/temperature properties

Make Liqui-Moly 8100 Dual Clutch Gear Oil your synthetic of choice to increase your Racing Diffs equipped Dual Pump differential Performance!

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CRV/Element/Crosstour Dual Pump Moly-Ceramic Clutch Upgrade
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It’s that Time Again! Time for another “Bisimoto Tech2sDay!”

In this episode, Bisi will discuss “Connecting Rods,” and how to choose the right connecting rod for your desired performance goals! Tune in tomorrow for this episode of Bisimoto Tech2sDay @ 12 noon Pacific Standard Time or 3PM Eastern Standard Time and join in and learn from one of the leaders in the industry what it takes to make a well balanced performance engine that meets and exceeds your performance goals!

Dont have an Instagram account? Here are some links to give you the opportunity to follow along!

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