B/K/F/H/D Series Block Sleeving


We are now accepting orders for Engine Block Machining and sleeving through Victory Precision Machine using LA Open and Closed Deck Sleeves, AEBS Closed Deck Sleeves and Darton Mid Deck for your D/B/F/H/K Series engine. Each Sleeve package includes the following:

  • Cylinder block inspection.
  • Your choice of sleeves.
  • Machining the cylinder block using their 5 axis Centroid A560 CNC.
  • Sleeve installation.
  • Surfacing and Hot Tanking.


They offer sleeving options for street applications up to full race supporting 1200+hp engines. All that’s required is a “Good Core,” and the prepayment for services offered by Victory Precision Machine. Cores must include the Engine Block complete with matching main caps/girdle and main bolts. Victory Precision Machine also offers core blocks for sale. Their cores are used OEM castings with matching main caps/girdle & main bolts. Prior to shipping your block please check that is does not have stripped main/head stud holes, or cracked cylinders.

Let us handle preparing your shipping labels for you! We will get your engine block to and from the CNC facility! We create shipping labels from your location based on dry weight of the engine block with mains, no crankshaft and no accessories. To ensure shipping is handled correctly we only ship via UPS to and from Victory Precision Machine. Place your order today and we will help prepare your motor for the next step in performance!


NOTE: D-Series only sleeving options are LA Open Deck & Darton. B & D series do not have the K24/F20C/F22C sleeving option.


Additional information

Weight 140 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 16 × 20 in

B-Series, K-Series, F-Series, H-Series, D-Series

Line Bore & Hone

No Line Bore or Hone, Line Hone, Line Bore


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