RT-AWD Rear Differential Upgraded Service


After several requests for these innovations from our customers, we have made them readily available all in one listing! CRV/ Element/ Cross-tour per-configured rear differentials are now available! Featuring some of the latest innovations in the race industry from Racing Diffs, GEAR-X/ GTS Motorsports, Bisimoto Engineering, and Automotive Koncepts & Designs Inc. Our service includes a full tear down and rebuild of the RT-AWD Differential.



Automotive Koncepts & Designs Inc RT-AWD Differential Upgrade Service includes:

  • Disassembly of the RT-AWD Honda Differential.
  • Inspection of the Dual Pump Assembly, Pinion Shaft, Ring Gear, Carrier Assembly, Nose Cap, Rear Differential Cover Yoke.
  • Cleaning of all Components.
  • New O-Rings, Washers, Fill Port, Drain Port, Pinion Bearings, Differential Bearings, Pinion Shaft Seals, Pinion Shaft Roll Pins and Shims.
  • Honda-bond Sealing the Differential after Assembly.

Optional Services include:

  • Installation of GEAR-X Torsion LSD (23 Spline or 25 Spline).
  • Installation o the Racing Diffs Molybdenum Ceramic Coated Clutches.
  • Installation of the new Dual Pump Delete System.
  • Installation of the new GEAR X/ GTS Motorsports RT-AWD Ring and Pinion. (2.533:1/ 2.542:1/ 2.562:1)

The optional parts above can be adjusted to meet the demands of the customers by selecting the options below in the drop-down menu for your build. Can’t figure out what differential to build? We can provide cores at your request! We have access to many recycle yards and purchase differentials regularly for these builds. Let us build a differential for your race or street vehicle capable of meeting your performance needs!


  • Torsion LSD’s, Ring and Pinions are lifetime warranty through GEAR-X/ GTS Motorsports and Racing Diffs Dual Pump Clutch Upgrades are rated to 1000hp+.
  • Typical turnaround time is 6 to 10 days for a full build and assembly.
  • Shipping address is in the notes.

Additional information

Weight 43 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 18 × 10 in
Add the Racing Diffs Clutches

No-No need for the Racing Diffs Clutches, Yes-Add the RacingDiffs Clutches

Add a GEAR-X/ GTS Torsen LSD

No-I will Run Open Diff, Yes Add the GEAR-X Torsen LSD, Yes Add the Racing Diffs Progressive LSD

Add the AKDInc Dual Pump Quick Spool Kit

No-Ill run factory Differential Pressures For Now, Yes-Dual Pump Non-Ramp, Yes-Dual Pump with Ramp

Core Charge

I have a Core 97-05 CRV/ 03-11 Element)., I have a Core 06-11 CRV/ Accord Cross-tour)., I do not have a core. Please provide a (97-05 CRV/ 03-11 Element)., I do not have a core. Please provide a (06-11 CRV/ Accord Cross-tour).


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