RTAWD & RT4WD 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum U Joint Flange


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Tired of breaking 1210 U Joints? We hear ya! Today we are pleased to release our new Billet Driveshaft flanges for B and K series AWD conversions. These flanges feature a 6061 T6 Hard Anodized construction and fitment to allow the use of a 1310 U Joint to be used with your high performance vehicle! Designed to fit Element, Crosstour, CRV and Wagon Differentials or Transfer Cases these flanges will out perform in every way. Ideal for low to high HP and high TQ applications these new flanges remove the need for a driveshaft spacer allowing a plug and play fitment for aftermarket driveshafts.
This is the first production run so we will need 20 individuals. The ETA is 6 weeks after we put in the order. Please be advised once the order is it we have been quoted 6 week lead time. So please like share and comment and help us get the word out.


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