Gear X CR-V/ Element Helical Rear Limited Slip Differential


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Taking orders for Gear-X Helical Rear LSD’s for the Element and CR-V Rear differentials. These differentials are Full Helical sets designed specifically for the 2003-2011 Element and 1997-2011 CR-V rears. Tested to a staggering “1114 hp!” this design is second to none and features a “Quaife” style gear stack with the Element and CR-V in mind promoting performance over all terrains and Motorsports classes.  These differentials come with a lifetime warranty like the front “B/K/H/F” series AWD/FWD LSD’s and feature a 23 “OEM Spline” rear or a 25 spline “Wagon” rear spline count. These new LSD’s  will be delivered directly from our manufacturer Gear X. 

These rear differentials are available for pre-order with a Gear X Guarantee for delivery Early November! Prices Start at $1000.00. Place your order today! 

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