Dual Pump Quick Spool System (DPQS)


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The Dual Pump Quick Spool System (DPQS) is a performance enhancement for the CRV, Element and Crosstour rear differentials. It features Grade 12.9, zinc coated, corrosion resistant hardware for internal and external differential assembly, dual pump piston pressure relief upgrade spring, 2WD/ 4WD selector servo upgrade spring, dual pump assembly hardware, dual pump to differential carrier hardware and differential carrier nose and tail cover hardware. And for the 05-11 CRV and Accord Crosstour replacement shim to increase run up for the initial ramp up assembly.

This system is thoroughly tested in house and by external supporters like our co-contributor Josh aka Red at YouTube Channel “Pirate Garage”, and is proven to increase differential performance by over 40% by decreasing pressure build up time, increasing dual pump clutch assembly response, and virtually removing ramp up time allowing additional grip and traction to be achieved by the rear differential without compromising street-ability.


Kit fits the following:

1997-2004 Honda CR-V Differential (Pre-Ramp Assembly)

2003-2011 Honda Element Differential (Pre-Ramp Assembly)

2005-2011 Honda CR-V (With Ramp Assembly)

2012-2015 Accord Cross-Tour (With Ramp Assembly) 


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