Racing Diffs MK III Volkswagen LSD Clutch Set


Racing Diffs has done it again! Introducing their MK III Volkswagen Golf  Molly-Ceramic Clutch Kit for the (02A and 02J) Transmissions!


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Racing Diffs produces the highest quality LSD friction plates and dog ear steel plates on the market. They use the highest quality thermally processed tool steel which provides a more consistent, perfect fitment everytime. This kit for the “MK III Volkswagen Golf” offers:

  • 4 Molybdenum Ceramic Coated Clutch Plates.
  • 4 x Steel Ceramic Coated Friction Discs.

During the final steps of production, clutch plates are coated with a special molybdenum-ceramic compound which optimizes the best ratio of friction coefficient and durability, drastically reducing material wear and warping under extreme conditions, providing the best possible longevity over competitors.

Their LSD Clutch plates feature:

  • Extra hardened Dog Ears
  • Better Friction Coefficient
  • More Grip and Increased Lock over Factory
  • Better Durability with Less Wear
  • Extreme Heat Resistance
  • Molybdenum-Ceramic Construction

The plates are manufactured to high precise standards with tolerances of +-0.02mm.
Dog ear steel plates are made from the same high quality tool steel extra hardened to 50 HRC.
All of our clutch plates are thoroughly tested and are currently being used in various racing cars throughout Europe including track, hill climb, rally and of course drifting discipline.




Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 8 in


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