Racing Diffs BMW E21-E30 LSD Differential Clutch Upgrade Kit


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Designed for the BMW E21 and E36 this Racing Diffs LSD Clutch Pack Upgrade is second to none! Its design allows it to be one of the most practical and user friendly Limited Slip Upgrade options for your performance vehicle.

BMW LSD Clutch Upgrade

These new clutches feature a 168 mm (21 Tooth) Molybdenum/ Ceramic coated construction yielding an amazing 300% over factory gripping force and dissipates heat instantly providing more traction and greater durability over factory!

Available in:

2 Clutch Set with Non-Vented Design (Suitable for Street and Strip), 2 Clutch Sets with Vented Design for better cooling and Viscous Effect or 4 Clutch Sets increasing durability, strength, longevity and heat resistance by 100% while adding 60% more LOCK with no other modifications at all.

Also available with:

  • Reinfroced Steel Differential Cap.
  • Differential Pre-load Shims.
  • Upgraded Ramp Shim.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 in


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