Racing Diffs Lamborghini Gallardo LSD Clutch Upgrade Kit


Exclusively for the Lamborghini Gallardo Racing Diffs has yet again delivered a superior product capable of out-performing the competition in both cost and durability!

New in their lineup these upgraded LSD clutches offer 300% more grip than factory and amazing heat dissipation due to their molybdeum-ceramic construction offering a mode reliable, practical and cost effective way in putting power to the street evenly!

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Able to sustain in the harsh environments of racing these clutches are ideal for street and strip offered in kits of  4 or 8 clutch upgrade packs for the 2003-2013 Gallardo. They are also offered in Vented or Full Faced Clutch Designs allowing customization of your driving experience all around!

Prepare yourself for the ride of your life! Order yours today!


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