Haldex Opel/ Buick Clutch Repairation Set


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Racing Diffs  Provides the best quality components for your aftermarket ride! Featured are their new “Haldex Clutch Sets,” for the 2014 and up Opel Insignia and Buick Regal AWD vehicles! 

Please clutches a hot commodity in the OEM market set to replace the lack of replacement parts for the Haldex clutch system for Cross Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive Opel Insignia XWD and Regal AWD  Equipped vehicles! 

Like their previous designs these clutches feature a Molly-ceramic clutch design offering increase strength and durability over factory clutches and the ability to dissipate heat almost instantly!

These clutches with their new construction allow an OEM fitment to Your vehicle with increased holding over factory up to 1000 horsepower.

With the lack of OEM replacement parts for these systems the Racing Diffs Haldex Clutch Repairation Set  Offers the cheapest alternative to replacing the entire system at a dealership which could cost you thousands of dollars! What are your set today!


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