RT-AWD Performance Upgrade Packages


Due to a huge following and many request from our RT-AWD Users we have created a listing combining some of our innovations from our manufacturers to support the RT-AWD Rear Differential. For you Do-It-Yourself-ers, this listing combines the best performance parts on the market for the RT-AWD Differential. Parts from Racing Diffs, GEAR X and AKDInc broken down into various HP Rating and Stages giving you the ability to build your differential independently using our various V-Logs and Differential Build Documentaries.

*(Dual Pump Clutch Delete customers will need to provide the CR-V/ Element/ Crosstour Clutch Bell as a Core for Modification.)



Each Stage has a component listing giving you a full breakdown of components used to reach the desired power level desired. Thank you all for your support and happy Holidays!

Stage I:  Rated to 500HP!

*  AKD Inc Quick Spool Kit!

Stage II: Rated to 650HP!

*  AKD Inc Quick Spool Kit and Racing Diffs Molly-Ceramic RT-AWD Clutch Kit!

Stage III: Rated to 700HP!

*  AKD Inc Quick Spool Kit, Racing Diffs Molly-Ceramic Clutches and Progressive Rear LSD!

Stage IV: Rated to 800HP!

*  AKD Inc Quick Spool Kit, Racing Diffs Molly-Ceramic Clutches, GEAR X Torsen LSD!

Stage V: Rated to 1000HP!

*  AKD Inc Quick Spool Kit, Racing Diffs Molly-Ceramic Clutches, GEAR X Upgraded (2.533:1 or 2.562:1) Ring and Pinion, GEAR X Torsen Rear LSD.

Stage VI: Rated to 1300Hp+!

*  AKD Inc Dual Pump Clutch Delete Kit, GEAR X 2.545:1 Ring and Pinion, GEAR X Torsen LSD! (Note: Rated to 1300Hp+!)


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1998-04 CR-V, 2003-11 Element, 2005-11 CR-V, 2010-15 Crosstour


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