V1.5 Ultimate AWD Conversion System


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Engine Mounts

Our AWD Kit features our new billet engine mount design. Allowing the installation of the B or K series “Manual” CRV or Element transmissions into the “EF/EG/EH/EJ/EK/DA/DC2/DC4/DB8” Integra and Civic Chassis with B series “H2B/F2B” and K series J2K engine configurations. Our mounts are constructed from 6061 T6 billet aluminum available with 68a and 88a polyurethane or solid billet inserts. 

AWD Mount Kits feature a 3 piece billet main mount set, steel frame bracketry and graded 12.9 hardware for additional strength. Engine mounts are topographically designed to support 1500+ hp in various engine configurations. Our V1.5 sub-frame systems are designed to allow fitment of the Honda CR-V, Element, Wagovan, and the Ford Explorer 8.8 rear differentials to your chassis.

Sub-Frame & Trailing Arms

Based on a tubular design like its predecessor this bolt on AWD sub-frame system features two style sub-frames. One that will incorporate the CRV, Element, and Wagovan differential with the rear spare tire well. The second will incorporate the Ford 8.8, CRV, Element, Wagovan without rear spare wheelwell. These installations  the differential while strengthening the rear frame rails of the uni-body installation chassis. V1.5 promotes better CV axle angles and suspension geometry with better performance under a load to the rear wheels without the risk of damage to the rear CV axles.

V1.5 sub-frame is made out of (.83) 4340 Chromoly Steel and is recommended to be used with a spherical bushing lower control arm only. Our sub-frame when used with our “Tubular Trailing Arms” can be adapted to any of the vehicles in the drop down with the differentials listed above. The new V1.5 Trailing Arms will allow for the installation of rear axles and many wheel hub and CV Axle combinations. They promote better suspension geometry while allowing power transfer from the rear differential to drive the rear wheels with gear “0” axle angle. The sub-frame can be further customized by selecting options for powder coating color, chassis style, and lug pattern.

Our V1.5 Trailing Arms come with all necessary hardware for installation. Trailing arms are provided with billet spherical top hats, 4340 Chromoly hubs available in 4×100, 4×114.3 or 5×114.3, “Timken” wheel hubs with retainers, “ESM Race” Spherical Lower Control Arms, and Steel Braided Brake lines.


Our driveshafts are custom made for our kit and feature a two piece balanced driveshaft with a center carrier bearing for CR-V and Element differentials. 

Our driveshafts are made from (.120) DOM Mild Steel with a forward 3″ slip yoke and custom flange yoke adapters allowing for easy fitment and compatibility to your transmission and differential combinations. The driveshaft is supplied with 1310 MOOG Universal Joints and Custom U Joint Flange Yokes. These driveshaft designs are the golden standard for our kits.

When using H2B/F2B systems we recommend the use of Quartersport Design (QSD) Plate Adapters only for H2B/F2B. 

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Weight 74 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 40 × 20 in


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