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RT-AWD Innovations by Automotive Koncepts & Designs Inc

So there are some common miss-conceptions being passed around by many all wheel drive groups and many enthusiast’s, claiming to understand the difference between the CRV and Element rear differentials and their attributes to increase performance.

In this case our 1st job is to educate our customers on what performance attributions are available and what combinations work the best so that you can make a more informed decision on what combination best fits you and your vehicle.

Below is the 1997- 2004 Honda CRV rear differential. This differential shares its lineage with the 2003 – 2011 Honda CRV with slight differences.

This differential is the most common found in most all wheel Drive conversions because of ease of access and availability.

Commonly found in most recycle yards this differential ranges from $75 all the way to $850 depending on the mileage and the demand for the area.

To understand how to increase performance you must understand how these systems work. So without going into too much detail the Honda all wheel drive transmission has to internal ring gears. One that is your “Final Drive,” and the other that is your “Transfer Gear,” which sends power to the transfer case, drive shaft, and to the rear differential.

Hondas “RTAWD” System operates by overdriving the hydraulic pumps in the rear differential called a “dual pump assembly,” Forcing them to build-up hydraulic press and apply a piston from the dual pump assembly to press a mechanical load against a clutch packs engageing them and sending power from the transfer case through the drive shaft to the rear CV axles.

Here is a topographical map showing the INS and outs of the Honda CRV and Element rear differential.

Though the majority of the Differentials are the same there are slight differences between the 3 different styles of dual pump rear differentials.

Though there are very few performance upgrades available for these differentials through our partner manufacturer RacingDiffs We have developed a new clutch pack made from Moly-ceramic material that features a full face design and a ceramic coating compounds that allows the clutch packs and friction discs to dissipate heat much quickly, While allowing for 300% more grip over factory clutch packs. This is only one of the innovations that we are providing for the Honda CRV/Element rear differentials. Additional innovations come from “Gear X.” We have new torsen limited slip differential for the CRV and element rear differentials that are being completed now and hopefully will be available by the beginning of next year. Post/ Comment/ Like/ Share If you would like to know more about our product design and developments to support the Honda CRV dual pump rear differentials and thank you all for your support!

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