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Returning to the Big Boost Blower Setup with Magnum Powers Superchargers!

Much Needed High Boost with Magnum Powers

Back into some existing projects with Magnum Powers Superchargers revisiting the Big Boost Air to Air Supercharger setup for Charles Warner and Baystate Dyno & Performance! Have some new renders of this supercharger as we continue down the path of redesign of the exit hat to include a wastegate to control boost from the cold side opening minds to the fact that superchargers can be boost by gear and boost by speed controlled like a turbocharger!

These illustrations from Charles Warner indicate the original design of the awesome MPX90 Supercharger that has brought them so much success mounted to a “B” Series Honda motor with the Ford Lightning supercharger tensioner and idler pulley! This blower capable of supplying 30psi has been seen all over the world as taboo but today no longer a conceptual model this new supercharger design offers 1128cfm @ 23000rpm and over 30psi of boost to be forced into the mouth of any available B or K Series Motor! Finalizing designs and fitment for this awesome supercharger now and finishing the last cad rendering of the new Big Tube B Series Header and Intercooler with built in 44mm or 60mm for boost control. So strap in and prepare yourself for this ride! Aiming for 600+ and we will deliver the news as it comes along to completion! Testing coming shortly!

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