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Racing Diffs Porsche LSD Clutch Upgrade Kits Available!

Revitalizing the classic Porsche is no easy task! Racing Diffs has just released a new line of LSD Clutch Upgrades for the Porsche 911/ 928/ early and late model 944/ 968/ 993/ 996 (T)/ 996 (GT3 /GT2) and 997 (GT3/GT2) Vehicles!


A marvel of engineering these clutches offer a better friction coefficient for more grip with less heat, less wear and provide a full faced clutch design to distribute tq over the entire clutch surface. These clutches come in an easy to install kit and provides 4 clutches and 4 friction discs. They are available in vented and standard full faced clutch plate designs and allow 300% over factory gripping force to be achieved while promoting longevity and durability over OEM.


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Racing Diffs Porsche LSD Clutch Upgrade Kit

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