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New Automotive Koncepts & Designs Inc H/F Series AWD Transmissions!

The inspiration for our H22 AWD Transmission! Tested to 650hp this Modified casting is based off of an H22 FWD Transmission and the B Series AWD Transmission grafted together to create this drive-train.

Engineered originally by James Nelson this transmission has been operational for over 5yrs and we have brought this innovation to you in our new unique design for the H and F Series Family.

A yr long project this new transmission will feature gear fitment to OEM H and F Series however will also make use of GEAR X H Series Synchronized and Dog Box Gear Sets with the B Series AWD Gear X or Equivalent LSD!  Check out James Nelsons Amazing 5th Gen Honda Prelude and his build to AWD!

Not your traditional BB6 Prelude But AWD???!!!

3 thoughts on “New Automotive Koncepts & Designs Inc H/F Series AWD Transmissions!

  1. You guys going to start selling h22 awd billet bellhousing??

    1. The Billet H and F Series AWD Transmission stuff is TransLab. We are finishing a Carbon Matrix Composite Version now made in our local foundry that includes a Gear Box, Transmission Bell Housing and Transfer Case that is stronger than 7075 Billet bit 1/3rd the cost.

    2. No. We will sell Cast designed B/F/H/K Series FWD and AWD transmissions. Full Sets. Gear Box, Bell Housings and Transfer Cases. Cost will be 2600 for a complete set ready for gears

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