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Gear X Torsen CRV/ Element/ Crosstour Rear LSD’s are on the way!

Gear X torsen limited slip rear differential is are on their way for the Honda CRV, Element, and Crosstour rear differentials. Available for The Honda dual pump equipped rear differentials these limited slip options will provide a 23 or 25 spline option so that you can run OEM Honda rear 23 spline CV axles or upgrade to wagon CV axle with our 25 spline option.

This limited slip is designed to support 1000 plus horsepower with ease made from the same design as our front torsen limited slip for our front wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles. These limited slip differentials come with a lifetime manufactures warranty through Gear X And a full guarantee replacement following the guidelines placed for each product.

These new rear limited slip differential should be in at the end of the month and we would like to share this information with you all 1st and give you the opportunity to place your order! Check the link below for product description and details.

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