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Gear X “GTS” B Series AWD Dog Box Gear Sets are Available!

B Series 4 speed Dogbox Gear sets are now available and ready for order!

We have Great News from Gear-X! Our new B Series Gears are in! We have completely new gear sets with input shaft and counter shaft, 4 speed strait cut gear sets with a 5th Cuff. Gears are made to support 1100+ Hp ranges and over 800lb Ft of TQ with these ratios available.

·        First 6.15 / 3.09

·        Second 1.611, 2.00

·        Third 1.150, 1.40

·        Fourth 0.909, 1.05

Final Drives – 4.0/ 4.10/ 4.25/ 4.38/ 4.7

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