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Gear X “B” Series AWD Dogbox Gear Sets!

B Series “AWD” Gear Sets are arriving shortly! We are happy to announce the imminent arrival of the worlds first “B Series” CRV AWD Gear Set!

This combined effort between Gear X, their new European Manufacturer and Automotive Koncepts & Designs Inc has presented a new 4 speed or 5 speed B strait cut gear set option for the SBXM AWD transmission complete with 300m counter, input and transfer case shaft, 4 speed with 6061 T6 Billet cuff or 5 speed Strait cut gear options ranging from:

1- 2.615, 3.09
2- 1.611, 2.00
3- 1.150, 1.4
4- 0.909, 1.05

With Final Drive options – 4.0/ 4.10/ 4.25/ 4.38/ 4.7

These Gear sets have already been tested to 1114 AWD HP with 0 breakages! Gear X and their manufacturer Guarantees up to 800 HP. Thank you for supporting us in this endeavour and we are now accepting group buy options to get them made.

The full price is $4995.00
Shipping within the USA will be $22.50 which will be included in your final invoice. To get started all that is required is contact information and a 50% deposit made to Gear X to begin the process.

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