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For those in disbelief!

For those in disbelief that a Ford 8.8 Can be used on a Honda I figured I would offer you this video that I made over 10 years ago doing exactly that. There are many common misconceptions about gears and about the percentage ratio that they must be within to operate.

This technology with the help of Baystate Dyno & Performance was integrated into our new V-1.5 forward 8.8 sub frame design allowing a bolt on system without fabrication and a very easy to install system.

With those innovations we have also designed and incorporated rear sway bar braces and also the ability to run sway bar systems with the new suspension as well as help hide the evidence and remnants of evil lurking under your car from unsuspecting victims!

In this New design we left Room for an integrated drive shaft hoop for motorsports and the ability to put a skid plate under the bottom of the car bolting to the differential sub frame.

We took special consideration to make sure that we did not compromise ground clearance while integrating the 8.8 system however the 8.8 system is capable of supporting horsepower in the range of 1500+ horsepower

1st start of my T66 Turbo charge for wheel drive civic hatchback

Thinking about this intelligently rock crawlers and several other style of motorsports operate with dissimilar gearing in some cases and compensate with a viscous coupler much like has been done several times with the wagon Van to a “K” or “B” series transmission.

To operate correctly indeed speed within 10% of the transfer case ratio to keep things nice and Swayze on a street. You will require a viscous coupler regard this as this is a full time 4 wheel drive system. The one downfall with this is that you will require the viscous coupler which for a lot of you the only choice is the wagon because you have seen it in operation however they are all their alternatives as well.

Our partner Ste couplers is working on our new viscous coupler now as well as another one with Racing Diffs For our dual pump delete system for the Crosstour, Element, & CRV variant rear differentials.

This same differential is being used for our J2K collaboration with @Baystate Dyno & Performance for their twin Turbo J series, 4 wheel drive, Honda Civic that will reach horse power in excess of 1400 plus wheel horsepower with over 1100 pound feet of torque available on low boost.

The 8.8 differential was to offset and provide a low cost solution to holding more power than a wagon differential in a full time 4 wheel drive configuration while meeting the requirements and high demands of horsepower and durability required for operating and Drag Racing.

However the 8.8 differential has been used in many trucks, high horsepower Mustang applications and high horsepower super charge suv applications for decades. The New gear set that we provide allows a 50/50 Power distribution and gives you full time 4 wheel drive capability on demand at any time.

Thank you all for your attention and we will have a lot more pictures and video as well as additional innovations that we have created ready to debut for 2019.

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And check in with us for updates and we will continue our innovation moving forward to ride you the strongest and most capable systems in the industry!

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