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Dual Pump Quick Spool Kit Parts!

So today we are getting organized and creating the shelving system in the new shop. Figured I would highlight the shims for the dual pump quick spool kit (DPQS) Because I had not up until this moment unpacked all of them other than to check quality when I got them from CNC.

This part in the kit reduces the clearances between the dual pump piston assembly and the clutch cage assembly allowing it to engage the clutches in the differential much faster then factory with the same amount of pressure increasing the response of the differentials Engagement translating to more power put to the ground sooner!

Installation Video and Pics with instructions for private installations coming soon. Will provide the system breakdown and pictures of the assemblies and explain the difference between the CRV/ Element/ Cross-tour differentials so everyone can be informed.

This is a key component in the DPQS Kit for our 2006 to 2011 CRV and Accord Cross-tour kit. These innovations and more like them are available here on our store by clicking the link below!

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Dual Pump Quick Spool System (DPQS)

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