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New Payment API Available!

Happy to announce we are now a Heartland e-Commerce merchant!

New payment API is up allowing the use of VISA, Master Card, Discover, American Express, and ECheck payment Processing us available!

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Racing Diffs Easter Special

Receive 20% off of any “Racing Diffs” products from now till 28 April by using Discount Code “RDESTR20.” Limit is 5 per customer! Order now while supplies last!

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V-1.5 AWD Trailing Arm Introductory Sale!

AKD Inc AWD Trailing Arms are in and Ready! We would like to offer to you this promotional sale to get these arms out the door! Featuring a new design and better fitment than any of our previous designs these new V-1.5 AWD Conversion Trailing Arms are priced to sell! Come and Get them! V-1.5 AWD Conversion Trailing Arms are on sale now for $1149.99 from our retail 1280.00! Use Promotional Code “tav1.5awd” to receive 100 dollars off of our AWD Trailing Arms. Sale ends 24 April 2019.

Limit is 1 usage per customer! Order yours while supplies last.

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Honda RT-AWD Differential Rebuild Services

A look inside the Honda RT-AWD Differential Dual Pump Assembly and what makes them unique! This video was made to instruct users on selecting the correct differential for their builds. It shows some commonalities between the first and second generation Dual Pump Assemblies and their respective clutch assemblies and what makes them perform differently. Check out the video below for details!

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More Parts in for our latest Differential Rebuild!

Just waiting on bearings now and the rear limited slip differential and! This will prove to be an epic build for this rear differential going out to our customer. Happy to be able to provide the service as no one really knows how to rebuild these differentials or what all it entails.

So we will continue with part 2 and disassembling the CRV Nose Cap from the differential!

Stand by every 1 part 2 is coming shortly! This is where the fun part begins!

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