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Automatic Tuning Solutions for the Honda CRV

I’ve been asked by several customers using automatic Honda and acura transmissions for recommendations for tuning their vehicles over the years. One customer in particular who had a request to make a high hp automatic supercharged vehicle needing a solution to safeguarding his investment! Look no further! HAMotorsports has you covered!

With years of extensive design, testing, tuning under their belts HAMotorsports has created an easy to install jumper harness that splits the automatic controls from the manual control options of the EMS System allowing any OBDIIA/B vehicle to run an OBD1 ECU and TCU control module with Hondata, Chrome, Neptune Etc.

Check out their extensive line of electronics and jumpers and gain the competitive edge in tuning your automatic vehicles performance.

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AKDINC Black Friday Sale!

After many requests from our customers we have combind the RT-AWD rear differential performance products into a single listing! This listing contains Staged build lists completes with HP recommendations and performance parts based on differential design and desired power ranges.

This listing rolled into our Holiday Sale will expire midnight cyber Monday and offers 30% off of racing diffs and akdbuilt quick spool kits. Build your diff with confidence and happy holidays from Akdinc!

RT-AWD Performance Upgrade Packages

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AKDBuilt V1 AWD Conversion at the track!

Norman Rogl Frisch (@abnormous) taking the “W” against a 9 second Hemi Hellcat Charger at his local racetrack. The Hemi Charger letting off right after the 60ft mark due to traction issues! Featuring our modified V1 AWD Conversion system Norman is proof of our initial conceptual design works perfectly. This system was used to spawn the new V1.5 AWD Conversion used on several cars like the fabled Grinch and several other SFWD Cars now AWD Converted!

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V1.5 AWD Conversion Trailing Arms!

4 and 5 Lug looks great in this design! More hardware shows up daily! Getting down to the final back orders. Only 5 remaining with this last batch goi g out for Arms. Subframes are in manufacturing! Cant wait to see this all unfold! Coming along well! Check’em out!


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New Automotive Koncepts & Designs Inc H/F Series AWD Transmissions!

The inspiration for our H22 AWD Transmission! Tested to 650hp this Modified casting is based off of an H22 FWD Transmission and the B Series AWD Transmission grafted together to create this drive-train.

Engineered originally by James Nelson this transmission has been operational for over 5yrs and we have brought this innovation to you in our new unique design for the H and F Series Family.

A yr long project this new transmission will feature gear fitment to OEM H and F Series however will also make use of GEAR X H Series Synchronized and Dog Box Gear Sets with the B Series AWD Gear X or Equivalent LSD!  Check out James Nelsons Amazing 5th Gen Honda Prelude and his build to AWD!

Not your traditional BB6 Prelude But AWD???!!!