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A Service Update from Racing Diffs!!!

A quick Service update from Racing Diffs! Through extensive testing we have determined that to gain optimal performance from the Racing Diffs Molybdenum Ceramic Clutches for the Honda CRV/ Element/ Cross-tour rear differentials the recommended differential fluid should be VW DSG ATF Fluid. This technology based on the oil viscosity and the lack of a Honda compatible substitute with friction modifier!

“DUAL CLUTCH GEAR OIL 8100” is a Superb high-performance oil based on HC-Synthesis oils. Its excellent additive combination with extremely shear-resistant viscosity index improvers, modern wear protection additives as well as stable friction agents achieves an excellent coupling performance. This hi-tech lubricant was developed specifically for the requirements of the increasingly prevalent dual clutch transmissions (DCT). Dual clutch transmission oil 8100 is especially also suited for dual clutch transmissions equipped with a shared oil supply for clutch, synchronization, gear set and hydraulic control.

  • optimum stability to aging
  • excellent wear resistance
  • outstanding resistance to oxidation
  • very good low-temperature properties
  • excellent shear stability
  • excellent viscosity/temperature properties

Make Liqui-Moly 8100 Dual Clutch Gear Oil your synthetic of choice to increase your Racing Diffs equipped Dual Pump differential Performance!

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CRV/Element/Crosstour Dual Pump Moly-Ceramic Clutch Upgrade

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