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New Gear X B Series FWD Dogbox Gears!

Automotive Koncepts & Designs Inc is proud to announce the new Gear X “FWD” B series dog-box gear set. They are designed for FIA with optimized homologated ratios from 5.5, 4.8, 4.5, 4.4, 4.2, 4.3, 4.0 custom final drive ratios.

These gears are designed for serious Road Race/Rally use only and are offered in these gear ratios: 1st 2.428, 2nd 1.813, 3rd 1.424, 4th 1.174, and 5th 1.000.

All GEAR-X brand Final Drives, Custom Gear Ratios and Close Ratio Gear sets are manufactured to their specifications and have been distributed by Special Projects Motor Sports in the USA and worldwide under their proprietary Brand Name, “GEAR-X,” since 2002.

Gear-X is an international world wide distributor, manufacturer and offers many major tuning companies and international race teams competing in International events such as the European, British and Asian FIA Touring Car Series , WRC and Asian Pacific Rally Series. Gear-X gears are the Spec for such classes as the Peruvian 2.0 liter Touring Car series, and the New Zealand Honda Cup Series.

All GEAR-X products sold by Special Projects Motorsports and authorized dealers must meet and exceed OEM specifications and are fully tested in house, both in the workshop and on the track in their USA, NZ, UAE, and UK Championship winning team cars before being released for general sale.

Special Projects Motor Sports, in conjunction with its suppliers are continuing to develop new products to cater for specific vehicles and race categories from High Performance Street, Touring Car and Time Attack, Rally and Drag Racing.

Gear-X’s expertise in Touring Car Racing is unsurpassed, and their range of Honda drive line components are the most popular choice in Touring Car Racing in the USA, New Zealand and more recently in the Irish Tarmac Rally scene where the strength and reliability of GEAR-X designed straight cut final drives and close ratio gear sets wiped out the opposition. Place your order today!

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